Insurance Consulting

What will happen to your family financially if you die? It is usually unnecessary to own complicated, expensive insurance products. That being said, it is usually crucial for most families to have significant term life insurance in place. We will work with you and your insurance agent to put in place cost effective life insurance that will protect your family.

Are you or your parents prepared for long term care costs? These costs are not covered by health insurance or Medicare.

If you own a small business, do you have a written buy/sell agreement, and is it funded? The easiest way to fund such agreements is usually through life insurance and/or corporate owned disability insurance.

Common mistakes we see in this area include:

  • People with limited cash flow owning whole life insurance policies instead of term
  • Not having enough term life insurance on the breadwinner
  • Not funding the buy/sell agreement for your business
  • Not thinking you need a buy/sell agreement for your business
  • Not considering the impact of long term care costs on your future
  • Not having long term disability insurance that covers your future cash needs
  • Allowing your employer to pay the disability premiums, resulting in any benefits being taxed to you