Townsend Congregational Church

Jennifer is involved with her church, Townsend Congregational Church, United Church of Christ in Townsend MA, where she has been a member for 12 years. She runs a benefit auction that supports TCC and its’ programs (2018 was her fourth year), and also volunteers her time to help manage the church finances. While Jennifer has never lived in Townsend, she has seen the work that the church ministries and the church congregation does to help the needy in the community. Needy sometimes refers to the poor, but often simply refers to people in crisis in general, which has nothing to do with money. Jennifer likes to say “no amount of money can buy the peace & support you can find at Townsend Congregational Church.”

TCC Website

Hillsboro Area Renewable Energy Initiative

Jean is an active member of the non-profit group Hillsboro Area Renewable Energy Initiative (HAREI). HAREI is an all-volunteer organization that provides education to the community with regard to renewable energy technology available for homes, small businesses, and non-profits in Hillsboro County, NH. HAREI also provides assistance and group discounts for individuals who want to install solar systems themselves. Members participate in planning and coming together for ‘solar raisers’ like the old fashioned barn raisers. Jean gives public presentations on the benefits of solar; participates in solar installations, contributes to the website; hosts the meetings and addresses any financial or tax issues.

HAREI Website

FPA of Massachusetts Pro Bono Military Program

Jon is the Co-Chair of the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts’ Pro Bono Military Program. The program offers free financial coaching and planning to Servicemembers and their families stationed or residing in Massachusetts. Jon is responsible for coordinating and training the group’s volunteers; outreach to the military community; and acting as the liaison to the military installations in Massachusetts. The program has served thousands of Servicemembers since its inception in 2004 and continues to thrive. In 2013, the group was recognized at the Team Pro Bono Program of the Year by Financial Planning magazine and the Foundation for Financial Planning.

FPAMA Website