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Milestone Financial Planning, Inc. (MFP)
 provides fee-only investment management and financial planning services. Our mission is to provide exceptional planning and consulting services encompassing all the major milestones of life (birth, education, work, retirement, and death) while considering the tax implications.
At MFP, you will work directly with Jennifer L. Davidson, CPA MSFP CFP®. Jennifer is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner and a CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT.  In addition, MFP has a fiduciary responsibility to its clients. 
Are you perfectly happy with the financial advice you have been getting over the last few years?  Schedule a no cost, no obligation appointment with us for a second opinion.
We will accept a client in any state in the USA.  Currently, we are licensed in MA, NH & TX, but will comply with all licensing and registration requirement of all states, as necessary.
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Call us: (978) 649-8875
Why do I need a financial plan? 
A financial plan helps clients in these ways:
1. Helps clients keep track of and make more efficient their financial affairs
2. Helps clients create an organized, diversified portfolio directed toward their goals and then prevents them from making dysfunctional and emotional decisions about their investments
3. Helps clients get in the habit of saving & investing routinely
4. Helps clients identify what is important in their lives and prioritize their goals
5. Helps clients avoid detrimental events that could be prevented by simple paperwork (such as properly titling accounts, reviewing estate planning documents and beneficiary designations, among other things)
6. Helps clients maximize their after-tax return
The financial plan is a critical beginning to any client/advisor relationship.  It returns many times the fees you pay in benefits.
Did you know?
A person's savings habits will have much more effect on their terminal wealth over 30 years than their rate of return.   

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