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"Will your money outlive you, or will you outlive your money?"

At Milestone Financial Planning (MFP), we help you answer this question by providing fee-only investment management and financial planning services. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals.

At MFP, you will work directly with one of our CFP advisors and also be supported by their team of associates. 

MFP has a fiduciary responsibility to its clients. We incorporate expert tax advice into our financial planning, as taxes are an integral part of any financial planning decision. This is an important distinction between our service offering and what other advisors offer. We also coordinate your plan with other professionals outside our firm at your direction - estate planning attorneys, insurance agents, real estate brokers, etc., to assist you with implementing our financial planning recommendations.

Our value to you, in excess of our cost to you, is 1) estate/financial planning and the creation/maintenance of a goal-focused (not market-driven) portfolio 2) long-term historical perspective (markets rise 3/4 of the time; expect short-term falls of an average of 30% every 5 years) and 3) behavioral counseling. Consider us your big mistake prevention.

All wealth is created from hard work, thrift and initiative. This is why most inherited wealth is gone within one generation. If you want your created or inherited net worth to last, you need to implement, monitor and update a financial plan. In today's complicated environment of investments, taxes, laws and regulations, this can be incredibly difficult without professional assistance. Please contact us to help you: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have clients in many different states, and can accept a client in any state in the USA. 

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Planning on coming to our office at 2 Commerce Drive Bedford NH? We are available most days from 8am - 4pm by appointment only. We can arrange other times if necessary for your schedule. If you live or work in Massachusetts we can meet with you in a convenient location in Westford, Groton, Chelmsford, Lexington, Burlington or Nashua NH.

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Why do I need a financial plan?

Did you know?

A person's savings habits will have much more effect on their terminal wealth over 30 years than their rate of return.

Performance is not a financial goal!

All successful investing is goal-focused; unsuccessful investing is markets-focused.

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